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The best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

August 8, 2008


Getting drunk in your old workplace which has now been converted to a pub is pretty insane. Especially when it’s a heritage building so they have kept a significant portion of the inside the same… Amazing! We were sitting in the nativity area haha. I wish I had a camera… I want to go there and get drunk all the time! I am hoping we will make it a monthly thing. Woo my first facebook event was a success haha. I am still tipsy this morning.. how does that happen? I am much nicer to everyone at work hahahaha.

Oh yea and they played a couple songs from our OPEN ROAD compilation… Brown Eyed Girl! Tear, that song gets me. Open Road was the best cd by far in our collection. But I do have an appreciation for Frank Sinatra thanks to the Christmas Store, hugely, and even ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and ‘The Gambler’ and other songs like that!

Updating this sign every night was my second favourite part of the the job. The first being PERSONALIZING ORNAMENTS. I have this weird thing for penmanship. Decorating trees as your job was pretty sweet too!!!!!!

Grr I hate how wordpress compresses your photos now. Pre-drinking for Sarah’s bachelorette party!

at prism, after my one and only experience at a strip joint. I look funny in this picture.

And Julie… let’s not even go there. SIGHS. Too bad Sarah and Birkley made her a lesbian and she cut her hair… I hope she is alive in France!

At this moment in time I am realizing how weird it is I do not speak with my office mate. I mean, he is a middle aged dude, what do we have to talk about, but I feel like talking to him right now but I also feel I can’t! Strange.

IT IS ONLY 9 AM????? This is going to be a sloooowwww day. I have finally run out of work to do. Haha.


A real go-getter.

July 5, 2008

I love how I got a registered letter from the government demanding my tax return with 30 days. From 2006 I guess? A testament to my excellent bookkeeping skills methinks.

I went to go get my nails done at a neighbourhood kind of place [I am not going to bother to explain why I have acrylic nails but it is for a purpose.] I was just getting them filled, the young girl doing them was so nice, we had a good conversation about our families. I really liked the experience, more than the the first place I went to with hoochie tanned chicks gossiping and stuff… [okay that is not fair but it had this really annoying vibe about it.] I was planning on going back, but my nails are so fucking bumpy! She did a shitty job but she was so nice, I don’t want to go back and be a bitch. I guess you have to go to the pretentious expensive places to get a good result. :(

Why am I using proper capitalization?


finally something to get excited about at work.

May 14, 2008

a while ago one of the partners mentioned the possibility of a website offering online sales. i made sure to show my obvious interest in the project. today that same partner asked me to sit in on a meeting they will be having with web developers and our crm software support company. i am not sure how this will end up, but it will be interesting to be somewhat involved in the development process, and who knows what position will be created to support the site afterwards. see bosses, i am not just a lazy apathetic piece of crap… only when it comes to things i am not interested in [aka accounting…. or rather aka most things that are not computers.]


May 6, 2008

i actually drove! in a car! in traffic! and i am not dead!

pretty accomplished week so far, and it’s only tuesday!

aside from at work, which even though i have a massive amount to do, i just can’t seem to motivate myself to do ANYTHING.


April 28, 2008

i am completing this ‘loss of profits’ worksheet given to us by our insurance company to determine debts that would continue to be payable if the business was closed.

number 26 is my favourite:

“upkeep of motor vehicles and/or horses”


ah newsradio.

April 15, 2008

Dave, there comes a time in every friendship when you have to say, ‘I never liked you, get lost.’ -Bill McNeal

and oh, hey, it’s almost 4.30! i love when that happens.


wow, i work at an awesome place.

April 14, 2008

sign on washroom: out off service

did i mention how mentally stimulated i am here?


fuck you, playoffs.

April 14, 2008

i want to say that coronation street is all the sweeter when you have to wait ALL week to get your sunday five-pack. i want to say that i have a lot of self-control and don’t just burn through them all in one day.

well, we have two left to last us until next sunday…. and knowing us we will watch them tonight.

damn you hockey! i have never hated you so much.

also: nothing is worse than having to spend the day in a mind-numbing young drivers classroom on the most beautiful and sunny day of the year so far! hopefully there are more of those to come soon.

also also: i just had my first ever meeting that i had called, to discuss some issues with an employee. it is weird being a “boss.” i have been so stressed out about having to do this, as i really want to be an ally to this person, the only other female in the work place. luckily she seems to take direction very well, and does not take it personally! thank goodness. it went so well, i think i will call meetings more often! ha.


i am so predictable.

March 10, 2008

this is not going to make much sense to anyone, but perhaps typing it out will make the stabbing stomach ache i have developed fade away before the end of the day.

we found more shady cheques, which unearthed a vendor in the archive where a lot of odd transactions occured with… but it’s a vendor that we had a lot of legitimate issues with as well so i am not sure if trying to reconcile this account for the past three years is worth the time, if i have the patience and smarts to arrive at any sort of result, and at that point whether this sharp pain will disperse. at least i have stopped having the dreams about my former boss… i just wish i would stop having to think about this. reconciliation is really not my strong point. so… confused…


not a bad monday.

February 25, 2008

pulled pork…. i am just like the beautiful new woman of today on the cover of that 70s crock pot cookbook.

so it looks like they aren’t hiring anyone in the finance office now… and laurie taught me how to muddle through bank reconciliations and gst filing and bank transactions. i think she will come in one or two times a month and the rest will be up to me? hopefully i don’t fuck everything up and make more work for her. and yet my title is still accounting assistant… i am not sure as to who i am assisting anymore.

seriously, i am updating my resume and i don’t know what to call myself. accounting clerk doesn’t sound right for someone who takes care of human resources, 95% of all accounting duties, is currently the only person in the administration department… but i am not an accountant, or a bookkeeper, or an office manager…

“one msn conversation in the guise of you and your mom would never talk to you again.”

i have an unholy love of silent garfield. i am surprised i have not yet subjected you to it.

silent garfield

i wonder what jim davis thinks of silent garfield? he probably hates it because garfield is not expressing his sassy personality and love of lasagna to it’s fullest. which is why it is awesome. garfield is like a normal cat and jon is so, so sad.


grow a brain.

February 13, 2008

why do people think it’s okay to submit resumes from email addresses such as sexy_margarita@***.com? at least i get to judge them accordingly. i wish brittani was here to mock people’s shitty grammar with though…



blah blah blah

January 17, 2008

so they’ve decided to hire another full time person in the finance office, despite being advised that it is not a two person job. i suppose i should just feel free to slack off as much as i please now that i know they expect it. i really hope the person who comes in realizes her portion of the job is 10%, and leaves the rest to me, like laurie did. i don’t want to have to find a new place within the company for me after all my work is taken away. there is nothing else in this company i have any desire to do. except replace the guy who does our catalogue as he is pretty terrible and useless and screwing around with design all day would be pretty awesome. unfortunately he is one of those lifetime employees who will never leave until they are rolled out of the building in a body bag.

i will just have to enjoy this time with any empty office while it lasts, because soon i will have to forge a new relationship with someone i expect not to like. but hey, i am just a pessimist.



And to think Abbie Hoffman used to be my idol….

January 8, 2008

wow, i almost don’t know if i can share with the world where i spend many of my waking hours. it is just so boring. i am bored looking at it. for some reason it is a tad bit surreal looking at it in photographs from the comfort of my own home. it’s not just a waking nightmare…. okay my job is not that bad. but it’s boring.

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cheque batch completed.

January 4, 2008

i really wish i had the wherewithal to write a post i have been thinking of all day, but it requires a very mild amount of intelligent thought to compose and that is something i severely lack right now. a few baby carrots and the world’s worst instant oatmeal [is any really good?] is just not enough to fuel my brain for the day. so i will spend my remaining half hour at work staring at the computer screen, trying to find interesting things to read and shuffling papers to appear busy if anyone happens in my office, which they rarely do.

as an aside, i used to call instant oatmeal ‘cook in the bowl porridge’ until years of incessant mocking finally broke me of it. does anyone else have strange terms they grew up with that people look at you funny when you use?


she talks in maths, she buzzes like a fridge.

January 3, 2008

it is strange after not being in the office for five solid days, how these fluorescent lights destroy me upon my return. i never really notice when they are numbing my brain on a daily basis. i was going to bring in my camera today, as the person i share my office with [my boss – sort of] is not in today. i wanted to share this bizarre little world i exist in from day to day. however it looks like i will have many opportunities seeing my boss quit on monday.

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