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damn you jacob

April 10, 2008

i very much wish i lived in japan, and could take photos of wacky signs all i pleased.

though, i have a feeling it might be one of those places i have always fantasized about, but upon arrival would most likely hate. like new york city. would still be amazing to see though.

i watched this documentary recently, tokyo girls i think it was called. about white women who go to japan to be hostesses. how draining it would be, customer service, big style. i think i would be good at it [if i were taller and more attractive] but it would definitely kill me inside. apparently all the drinking you must do often goes hand in hand with methamphetamines. then i would be extra good at all the stupid conversation.


a few more.

March 19, 2008

sorry to post such terrible quality pictures [especially to those ladies with their amazing cameras] but you know, i have actually kind of grown to love this disgustingly low quality photo from my digital camera… it is the closest to real film you get these days, kind of. [hit and miss, like my photography.] except for like…. real film.



at foundation. a good vegetarian restaurant where we spent way too much time drinking [and spilling] wine.






slutty reflection.



i am pretty sure i am the only person on earth who finds these pictures ART!


mmm room service

i wish i could get croissants and coffee delivered to me every morning at the cost of $22! so worth it… when you’re incredibly lazy.



lolita, lolita, lolita.

March 16, 2008

how funny that i should finish reading you on the ferry.

i hate that sad feeling one gets when finishing a book that has really enveloped you. you can read it again in a while if you wish, but it’s never quite the same. i’ve gotten that feeling since i was about seven years old.

ever since bunnicula, semi-oddly enough.


celery stalks

or perhaps it was younger with pinkerton?


oh, sweet sweet 1991.

pinkerton! the real one

i really like how there is a real pinkerton.

on a side note, this book by the same illustrator has bad memories for me, as it was an often read book while waiting in the principles office.

how much is a million



March 16, 2008

sigh. pretty epic weekend but failed at my mission. however… sigh.

it is sad to check out even though i want to go home…. i wish i lived in a hotel.

waiting for my croissant and coffee now.

want to get some shopping in before check out time!

i hope the overflowing bathtub did not completely destroy my camera and i can salvage a few pictures of friday night’s madness.


where is my montserrat?

March 11, 2008

i am in such a good mood this week! [aside from a brief period of time yesterday – see last post.] the sun is shining today, i have an amber-based adventure at the end of the week. my mother was going to travel with me but i am so glad she decided against it. naturally as i am generally a solitary person, i like to travel alone. it is something more than just getting time to myself… there is a sadness, an excitement, an independence that comes along with it. i haven’t traveled alone in a long time. [by”travel” i don’t mean anything exciting or exotic… more the 4 hour ordeal required to get off this rock.]

i “know” a girl, in this wacky internet land of ours. she is brilliant, beautiful, confident, and seems completely herself. for someone who seems to know herself so well already, it is amazing she decided to move by herself to montserrat, to read, write, contemplate life, explore, take amazing nude photos in abandoned cities covered in a thick layer of volcanic ash, etc. i am jealous of that. i love my life so much now, but i feel at some point in my life there must be a montserrat waiting for me. me, me, me…. who am i?



March 1, 2008

wow i can’t tell you how excited i am for a creative endeavor to be realized very soon that has been in my mind for a couple of years. there are some amazing people involved… and a fun trip to vancouver!

the great hall.

now that is a sensual beast.

sensual cat