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Important Purchase

July 18, 2008

Check out this sweet camera I bought

Look at the pictures it takes!

And I am OBSESSED with those virility bears or whatever… I don’t even think Jacob brought me back one from Japan!



June 26, 2008

See, in order to use the Celestial Brush, you must press and hold the B button on the Wii Remote and then press and hold the A button to get the brush to make contact with its canvas, which works just fine. Where things broke down for us was when we tried to draw anything, because simply drawing a straight line wasn’t enough for whatever finicky image recognition function was responsible for translating our scribbles into actionable instructions. Either the game wasn’t recognizing our brush strokes properly or the Wii Remote was obstructing us from executing the brush strokes in a way the game could understand as a command, but the end result was an endlessly frustrating ordeal of trying and retrying the simple task of drawing a line with the Remote.

We are quick to point out that these problems could most likely be ironed out by the time the game gets to you, and indeed the rest of the game seems to be totally intact. If a release delay is required to fix the control problems, then we wholeheartedly welcome a delay, because to deliver this game with anything short of flawless controls would do a disservice not only to the game itself, but also those Wii gamers that have yet to enjoy the enchanting experience of Okami.

well i am glad it’s not just me. i bought this game on the weekend and as soon as i started playing it i knew it would be a new favourite. however as soon as i got to a point in the game where i had to master offensive moves, i failed miserably. i can’t tell you how long it took me to draw a fucking straight line! it killed me. i was almost hoping it was just me, and that i would be able to overcome, but it seems not. how can a game get 9.5 on gameplay with such a glaring flaw?

it is such a cool game, i am kind of disheartened. i thought it had the potential to be the first video game i could actually get into in a very long time. mostly cause you are a sweet wolf. haha

this would be way better if it was a spitz/eskimo/samoyed etc



May 26, 2008

upon bitching about the most likely cg-riddled new indiana jones, randy sent me this genuine display.


almost time for real golf i think.

March 9, 2008

apparently the ultimate combination is me and keith switching off on super swing golf. then neither of us gets so excited about winning a hole that we choke on the next one.

two down one more to go.


pretty productive sunday so far, as you can clearly see. just about as productive as i prefer all sundays to be.

what is the best way to crush ice? i have had far too much experience with blenders that promise the world and only disappoint.



March 9, 2008

how is super smash bros. brawl? i am looking for some new good wii games as i find the novelty of them can wear off fairly fast. i think partly you need fresh blood in the mix; wii is more fun when you are playing against unpredictable opponents [part of it’s fun as well is it’s social nature.]

and why, why, can i not beat the third easiest guy on super swing golf. that game is ridiculously hard and it seems i have reached my peak. is the sequel any easier? i want to unlock new characters/caddies but alas i only have one character because i suck.

at least my character is cute. w/ ears.

my future caddie.

i never realized japanese are incredibly good at golf, as well. what else do they need to be more disciplined than me regarding?


charles emerson winchester III

March 8, 2008

keith got an airhog helicopter and it’s pretty fun.

this is not the one but i really like the music they picked to accompany it.

these ones are even cooler though.