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A real go-getter.

July 5, 2008

I love how I got a registered letter from the government demanding my tax return with 30 days. From 2006 I guess? A testament to my excellent bookkeeping skills methinks.

I went to go get my nails done at a neighbourhood kind of place [I am not going to bother to explain why I have acrylic nails but it is for a purpose.] I was just getting them filled, the young girl doing them was so nice, we had a good conversation about our families. I really liked the experience, more than the the first place I went to with hoochie tanned chicks gossiping and stuff… [okay that is not fair but it had this really annoying vibe about it.] I was planning on going back, but my nails are so fucking bumpy! She did a shitty job but she was so nice, I don’t want to go back and be a bitch. I guess you have to go to the pretentious expensive places to get a good result. :(

Why am I using proper capitalization?