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not a bad monday.

February 25, 2008

pulled pork…. i am just like the beautiful new woman of today on the cover of that 70s crock pot cookbook.

so it looks like they aren’t hiring anyone in the finance office now… and laurie taught me how to muddle through bank reconciliations and gst filing and bank transactions. i think she will come in one or two times a month and the rest will be up to me? hopefully i don’t fuck everything up and make more work for her. and yet my title is still accounting assistant… i am not sure as to who i am assisting anymore.

seriously, i am updating my resume and i don’t know what to call myself. accounting clerk doesn’t sound right for someone who takes care of human resources, 95% of all accounting duties, is currently the only person in the administration department… but i am not an accountant, or a bookkeeper, or an office manager…

“one msn conversation in the guise of you and your mom would never talk to you again.”

i have an unholy love of silent garfield. i am surprised i have not yet subjected you to it.

silent garfield

i wonder what jim davis thinks of silent garfield? he probably hates it because garfield is not expressing his sassy personality and love of lasagna to it’s fullest. which is why it is awesome. garfield is like a normal cat and jon is so, so sad.