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wild at heart.

July 4, 2008

uhmm… holy fuck. this is insane.

so you have to be 18 years old and registered on youtube to see this, and then you might be offended.

but i am…. AHERM intrigued to see this movie now anyway. i don’t think i have seen any david lynch? why?


July 1, 2008

so do men have ‘daughter issues’? i don’t get it.


mommy, i think i saw that girls bare arm!

April 11, 2008

Now the PTC is railing against reality competition America’s Next Top Model. The New York Post reports that the PTC has filed an indecency complaint with the FCC over the show’s March 26 episode, which featured a fully nude model posing for pictures in bed, Marilyn Monroe-style.

i mean, i hear where they are coming from. nothing makes me think of the current state of societal degradation than…. marilyn monroe?

Parents and families are fed up with such blatant and continued disregard for decency standards.

crazy idea: if your children are young enough to be permanently scarred by a nude silhouette, maybe you should be supervising them instead of plunking them down in front of the tv with a remote in their hand. fuck, put on baby einsteins or something if you really have better things to do with your time.

i realize i hardly offer an unbiased opinion on the subject. however, i really do not see the huge issue with nudity. you can see more indecency if you head down to the beach on a warm summer day. clearly nearly nude glistening bodies in the flesh will make our children sex-crazed murderous perverts even more than seeing a flesh coloured blur of pixels on a television screen.

run for your lives!!!

i am glad i live in canada, where there are less uptight over-protective censorship crazy assholes.

and that is why all our children turn into dangerously disturbed adults.


greg the bunny

March 7, 2008

“Wow, serious father issues.”
“Yeah, the sex would have been great!”

greg the bunny

ah, how i miss you my cute little friend! if only there were sentient puppets in real life. life would be so much fluffier.


music or sex?

February 21, 2008

listening to sean lennon which i haven’t listened to in at least five years but probably much more, it strikes me how much more i must have listened to music in the past. after not having heard this in so long, i can still sing along to almost all the words. when i think of my favourite music of the past few years, i can’t sing along to 90% of it. i guess that is the cost of having a life and not spending all of my time alone in my bedroom! but what kind of music fan am i?

hrm…. no offense to sex but i am pretty sure i would still go with music. music is just…. otherworldly.


dear orgasm:

February 15, 2008

obviously inappropriate.

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the too much information post.

February 5, 2008

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