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this is new to me…

February 18, 2008

it seems as if i succeeded in getting myself into trouble… stupid innocent unintentional misunderstanding but i am very sorry for my part. luckily some kindly folks would not take no as an answer from an indigent girl on the sidewalk, also luckily they were not psycho rapists [as soon as they busted out the game genie and mario bros. 3, i knew i was in good hands.]

however, after possibly ruining a friendship i think it is time i stop drinking…. which is absolutely, horribly, no fun at all.

i am thinking now that things i saw as faults in myself, being incredibly shy and unable to get very intoxicated, were actually blessings… i think i would have seen a lot more trouble in my life if these qualities were not protecting me. it is a lot more fun without them though.

also… happy birthday keith. due to being hungover i forgot to get pineapple upside-down cake ingredients at the grocery store…. officially making me the worst birthday celebrator ever.