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Important Purchase

July 18, 2008

Check out this sweet camera I bought

Look at the pictures it takes!

And I am OBSESSED with those virility bears or whatever… I don’t even think Jacob brought me back one from Japan!


nighties and intoxication and marie antoinette until dawn.

April 11, 2008

lindsay developed some film from last year… at the hyatt.

and i wasn’t there for this photo of nicola but i enjoy it!

all of these pictures are pretty great, check out the set.


time’s arrow.

April 3, 2008

a while ago someone i went to high school with in grades 8/9 sent me a message on my ‘honesty box’ on my facebook profile. i really like this application, you can leave anonymous messages for people. surprisingly none of them have been nasty yet. infact i got a few confessions of lust and admiration, but this is not the sole reason that i like the application.

anyway once i figured out who it was we ended up somehow sharing some of our items on our lists of things we want to do before we die. mine are mostly sadly debaucherous, or just plain dorky.

i have always wanted to go to the wax museum on mushrooms. i think it would be scary but amazing, considering how surreal the place is on it’s own.

mummies scare me a lot.

looks slightly unpleasant…

mangiest mange beasts ever.

even in wax form she’s kind of a slut

goldie hawn looks pretty hilarious here

i think this frightening image encapsulates the wax museum for me

no… i’m fairly certain that’s the eighth and lesser known dwarf, ‘creepy’

clearly he is stealing your soul.

yes, i would say the title of ‘cell of little ease’ is somewhat appropriate

quite possible the scariest alice in wonderland themed thing ever. i love the look on the caterpillars face. ‘meh’

you can tell she played the tin man in her earlier years in a stage production of wizard of oz, can’t you?

my marathon of hope.


a few more.

March 19, 2008

sorry to post such terrible quality pictures [especially to those ladies with their amazing cameras] but you know, i have actually kind of grown to love this disgustingly low quality photo from my digital camera… it is the closest to real film you get these days, kind of. [hit and miss, like my photography.] except for like…. real film.



at foundation. a good vegetarian restaurant where we spent way too much time drinking [and spilling] wine.






slutty reflection.



i am pretty sure i am the only person on earth who finds these pictures ART!


mmm room service

i wish i could get croissants and coffee delivered to me every morning at the cost of $22! so worth it… when you’re incredibly lazy.



one of those magical film moments.

March 17, 2008

“Somehow or another I managed to capture my entire Friday night in one photo.” –Linds


also i love nicola’s explaination as to why she has a crown tattoo; “canada dry gingerale dude…?”


generations of fun.

February 24, 2008

let us delve into the world of humiliating animal photography, shall we?

thank you harry whittier frees.



cat ride

pig cart




four little bunnies

four little kittens

four little puppies

bunny blimp

kitty blimp


school marm



yip yap

and others



cats smoking

which brings us to a whole ‘nother realm…

for another post