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The best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

August 8, 2008


Getting drunk in your old workplace which has now been converted to a pub is pretty insane. Especially when it’s a heritage building so they have kept a significant portion of the inside the same… Amazing! We were sitting in the nativity area haha. I wish I had a camera… I want to go there and get drunk all the time! I am hoping we will make it a monthly thing. Woo my first facebook event was a success haha. I am still tipsy this morning.. how does that happen? I am much nicer to everyone at work hahahaha.

Oh yea and they played a couple songs from our OPEN ROAD compilation… Brown Eyed Girl! Tear, that song gets me. Open Road was the best cd by far in our collection. But I do have an appreciation for Frank Sinatra thanks to the Christmas Store, hugely, and even ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and ‘The Gambler’ and other songs like that!

Updating this sign every night was my second favourite part of the the job. The first being PERSONALIZING ORNAMENTS. I have this weird thing for penmanship. Decorating trees as your job was pretty sweet too!!!!!!

Grr I hate how wordpress compresses your photos now. Pre-drinking for Sarah’s bachelorette party!

at prism, after my one and only experience at a strip joint. I look funny in this picture.

And Julie… let’s not even go there. SIGHS. Too bad Sarah and Birkley made her a lesbian and she cut her hair… I hope she is alive in France!

At this moment in time I am realizing how weird it is I do not speak with my office mate. I mean, he is a middle aged dude, what do we have to talk about, but I feel like talking to him right now but I also feel I can’t! Strange.

IT IS ONLY 9 AM????? This is going to be a sloooowwww day. I have finally run out of work to do. Haha.


i am an internet baby.

July 2, 2008

oh my god, i just went to myspace. it was pretty much the trippiest thing ever. i do miss the customization though. and it’s not like anyone’s profiles on facebook are that less annoying, with all the applications some people add. but with facebook you can hide really shitty parts of people’s profile, which is sweet.


oh and i am eating pogos for dinner. i don’t care what any jerks say, that is exciting to me because keith never lets me buy them. haha. he is only controlling in food based ways, and no others. it is pretty funny.


so like who wants to do lsd with me in a park?

June 10, 2008

being an adult is soooo boring and not at all what i envisioned.

taking applications here for new bffff..ff..f.

shouldn’t life be more like this? maybe that’s why i always enjoyed recreational drugs in the past… life becomes more magical.

here are some other old pictures i came across.

low brow to be sure, but a classic.

sigh… the bon temps. some of the bonnest.

a sarah original.

in ode to this of course:

i am pretty sure he was creeped out in actual fact. not so much the fact i was there, but first in line possibly?

aww, my second favourite pet sambuca/sam. [cat=first.] i took him to school in my pocket. he died of cancer.

the only true love in this world is that of two rikers.

i was pretty awesome. fleece pants!

i only show such a scantily clad picture… because physically/mentally i am quite a different person! i kind of want to smack myself for hating myself back then. if only i had confidence in my youth i think things may have gone a lot differently. then again that person is who i was, and why i am who i am now. good/bad? impossible to say impartially.

i also just found the most disgustingly vain shitty webcam collage of myself that i want to share cause it’s hilarious but it makes me hate myself too much. those times were funny… cover up extreme insecurity with equally as radical “vanity.”


it’s time that we grow old and do some shit.

June 8, 2008

this weekend ended up being great. some much needed nestling. i know nesting may be the right term here, but that pisses me off, possibly because it insinuates eggs. bought a bunch of stuff for the house today, a small bbq, chairs for the deck, a mirror, a framed picture, this is it i think. nice to spend the weekend at home, attempted to finally ‘move in’ but ended up making a huge mess that still hasn’t been cleaned up. must be by friday as celeste arrives!

i don’t think i really like sitting on that stump.

yes, we still have times that good, believe it or not. with fewer puppy surprises/trolls. i was a bit surprised too when i saw her last summer! i am really looking forward to seeing her. we are going to watch the movie ‘once’ as we have both heard very good things about it. and she is into musical theatre [to a professional¬† degree], so i am sure she will like it. it is amazing we get along after all these years. i think you choose your friends for a reason, even back then.

wow i just noticed my amazing 100 dalmations outfit in that last photo.

i wish the work week was not impending… i think i really need a new¬† job. i am thinking september may bring such a thing.


why get my hopes up?

May 25, 2008

let us be lovers well marry our fortunes together
i’ve got some real estate here in my bag
so we bought a pack of cigarettes and mrs. wagner pies
and we walked off to look for america
cathy, I said as we boarded a greyhound in pittsburgh
michigan seems like a dream to me now
it took me four days to hitchhike from saginaw
Ii’ve gone to look for america

laughing on the bus
playing games with the faces
she said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy
i said be careful his bowtie is really a camera

toss me a cigarette, i think theres one in my raincoat
we smoked the last one an hour ago
so i looked at the scenery, she read her magazine
and the moon rose over an open field

cathy, i’m lost, i said, though i knew she was sleeping
i’m empty and aching and i don’t know why
counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
they’ve all gone to look for america
all gone to look for america
all gone to look for america

what did i say?


‘i laugh at what you call dissolution’

May 21, 2008

what i wouldn’t do for some summer fun oreos, a neon a&w hat, a canvas tent, bon echo, and about 17 years off my age. just for a day.



April 20, 2008

some of my best memories were in this vw camper, with these chipmunks.

i like how scared he looks.