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home sweet trashhole.

May 29, 2008

so… i was GOING to go to yoga today, finally, but then keith offered the option of chinese buffet. regretfully, i chose the buffet. we did vow to never go there again anyway, due to the fact that there was nowhere to look that wasn’t depressing. it reminded me of america [or what i presume america to be having barely been there.] plus be going to a buffet is a pretty big joke because thankfully i get full in about two minutes. actually, being ‘out and about’ in langford today reminded me why i had such negative associations with it from when i lived out here in grade 10. i may have committed suicide if i had to spend grades 11 and 12 here! even as we were in the elevator back to our condo keith said ‘i just want to get out of langford and into our house!’ haha. it serves it’s purpose anyway, and generally when i go out i am pleasantly surprised at the general friendly, non-trash i come across.

in any case, i HAVE TO go to yoga on saturday. tomorrow night i have to go to my mom’s for dinner and sunday i will hopefully be hung over for the first time in quite a while, after brittani’s boyfriend’s birthday. i hate how i am starting to feel like ‘i am so fat, wah wah’ when i have been feeling generally good about myself in recent memory. i blame it on beginning to be aware of my body, as well as seeing all the perfect naked yoga ladies in the change room! in any case, it is really unfortunate, because i seem to be fairly unable to maintain good habits. i will keep trying though! even though i don’t actually control very well what i put into my body, i do think about it, which is strange in the sense that i never did at all before a year or two ago, and now i really think about it.

here are some old pictures [i just unpacked the cord.]


at ferris’…s…s… goddamnit, that is one of those easy grammatical things i will always forget how to do properly and feel like an idiot for. anyway, that soup was amazing, except for it being entirely cilantro-ridden… i hate cilantro so very much. but it has these rice dumplings that were so effing good. that’s right, so good i have to be vulgar and say effing. also i love the mayo sampler you can order with the fries, three different mayos, the thai peanut one is good.

i had to capture the awesomeness of this at the metchosin farmer’s market… because i am mean.

yes, only go out on the strongest note.

the height of entertainment in the…. when is this from? 19th century?

buck 65… before the show started, just before my camera ran out of batteries! so sad.

oh, and in a good note:

Touring musician Buck 65 was ecstatic when he learned yesterday that nearly 100 hours of video footage stolen from his May 8 concert at Alix Goolden Performance Hall has been recovered.

[His manager] said she had almost given up hope the mini-DV tapes would ever be found. Then someone called the office to let her know someone had posted an ad on a Victoria buy-and-sell website for the missing footage.

That someone turned out to be post office employee Steven Sanders, who found a manila envelope filled with the concert footage beside a mailbox on the side of the highway in Colwood. Across the envelope was written “Missing Buck 65 Footage.”

Not knowing who Buck 65 was, Sanders placed the ad with his e-mail address. He also made posters with his son, which he was going to put up around the neighbourhood. Before he had a chance, Sanders got an e-mail from Buck 65’s friends.

“He e-mailed back: ‘Tell me what’s in the envelope and it’s yours,'” Persley said. She then sent him a photo of tapes similar to the stolen ones.

“When the footage was stolen, it was a huge blow against a big effort,” said Persley. “It was big money-wise. There were props, sets, lighting visual effects to create a great show so we could shoot this DVD. It was absolutely irreplaceable and invaluable.”

source: tc

i swear, they must have spent at least like… $350 dollars on that equipment. :P


‘i don’t want to risk having bad sex today.’

May 15, 2008

nice work!

i wonder if i am the only person on earth with a crush on don mckellar? no, if my days of being a dreamer, fantasizer, fan girl of many taught me anything, it’s that every celebrity you can think of has a cult of girls hopelessly devoted to them. maybe this is why i want to be famous?


clear is the new black.

May 9, 2008

buck 65 was awesome. it wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as last time.. the acoustics of alix goolden hall did him a bit of a disservice as you couldn’t hear some of what he was saying. he didn’t quite ‘weave a tapestry’ this time like i often say about him… there were less stories and anecdotes joining together his songs, but it was still great. he is so odd, charismatic, spastic, compelling. keith actually enjoyed it and liked him as i knew would be the case. his mannerisms, words, and whole persona are just so interesting. imagine being revered, and being able to be as strange as you want, and people applauding you for it.

my highlight was him playing ‘hot lunch’, one of my favourite songs of his.

I look good, always, but especially today
Professionally fresh on display like hey
Take a picture, its not a dream I’m flat out gorgeous
Maybe its because I eat a lot of oranges
I don’t know I can’t help it, I’m not even trying
Really, I’m hot you think I’m lying
Look at my ass and pants, give it more than a passing glance
Stare at it a while
Compare it to a peach, each cheek if you can bear it
Breath me in deeply, I’m like an airy breeze
Whispering, blowing through the branches of the cherry trees
I’m a treat, a nice little surprise for your eyes
Look too long though and it could be your demise
It ain’t a disguise, I’m flyer than an eagle
Sky’s the limit besides the fact that I’m barely legal
Its too easy, I’m sorry I can’t help asking it
And bad news I’m getting better looking with every passing minute
I’m pretty, pretty, but I take it all in stride
Thing is I’m even more beautiful on the inside
I’m nice, I’m so nice, with the winning smile I’m stylish
In fashion, make a wish with my eye lashes
I’m magical, actually casual traditional
Mystical, in top physical condition
Well oiled machine, perfectly peachy keen
Its freaky really equally squeaky clean frequently

I look good and you look, but not as good as me
I’m so dope
I look good and you look, but not as good as me
I’m so dope

keith just forwarded me this story though. i am really surprised and disheartened. the crowd was very respectful, of the venue and everything else… too bad it had to happen in victoria.

Popular hip-hop artist Buck 65 had $5,000 worth of equipment, and hours of band footage, stolen during a performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music last night, police say.

“They were there performing the concert so it was probably taken during the performance,” said Victoria police Const. Alvin Deo.

It is likely the thief was someone in attendance at the concert who swiped the gear from the soundstage, said Deo.

However, the neighbourhood near Pandora and Quadra Avenues is also known for a high concentration of drug addicts and street people, some of whom specialize in break and enters, said Deo. The music hall is half a block from a newly opened drop-in street shelter.

Buck 65 also lost 40 hours of footage recorded during his recent Canadian tour. The Nova Scotia artist is appealing for the return of the footage because he was planning to turn it into a DVD.

Anyone with information is asked to call Victoria police at 995-7654 or Buck 65’s management company Blasko at 250-995-2426.

source: times colonist


making tree-hugging safer: one condom at a time

April 10, 2008

according to the brazilian government, they are the world’s largest consumer of condoms. in a bid to create local jobs, cut down on importation, and help protect the amazon, brazil has begun producing the world’s first condoms using rubber from trees in the tropical rainforest.  in case you just wanted to be that much closer to nature…

source: bbc news