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The best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

August 8, 2008


Getting drunk in your old workplace which has now been converted to a pub is pretty insane. Especially when it’s a heritage building so they have kept a significant portion of the inside the same… Amazing! We were sitting in the nativity area haha. I wish I had a camera… I want to go there and get drunk all the time! I am hoping we will make it a monthly thing. Woo my first facebook event was a success haha. I am still tipsy this morning.. how does that happen? I am much nicer to everyone at work hahahaha.

Oh yea and they played a couple songs from our OPEN ROAD compilation… Brown Eyed Girl! Tear, that song gets me. Open Road was the best cd by far in our collection. But I do have an appreciation for Frank Sinatra thanks to the Christmas Store, hugely, and even ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and ‘The Gambler’ and other songs like that!

Updating this sign every night was my second favourite part of the the job. The first being PERSONALIZING ORNAMENTS. I have this weird thing for penmanship. Decorating trees as your job was pretty sweet too!!!!!!

Grr I hate how wordpress compresses your photos now. Pre-drinking for Sarah’s bachelorette party!

at prism, after my one and only experience at a strip joint. I look funny in this picture.

And Julie… let’s not even go there. SIGHS. Too bad Sarah and Birkley made her a lesbian and she cut her hair… I hope she is alive in France!

At this moment in time I am realizing how weird it is I do not speak with my office mate. I mean, he is a middle aged dude, what do we have to talk about, but I feel like talking to him right now but I also feel I can’t! Strange.

IT IS ONLY 9 AM????? This is going to be a sloooowwww day. I have finally run out of work to do. Haha.


My hero

July 24, 2008

Too alarming now to talk about
take your pictures down and shake it out
truth or consequence say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

There goes my hero
watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
he’s ordinary

Don’t the best of them bleed it out
While the rest of them peter out
Kudos my hero leaving all the best
You know my hero the one thats on

I kind of hate listening to the radio all day at work, when there is a lot on my mind… every song seems to be about every thing.


I don’t care what anyone says..

July 24, 2008

I will always love the song ‘Brian Wilson’ by the Barenaked Ladies.

Drove downtown in the rain nine-thirty on a tuesday night,
Just to check out the late-night record shop.
Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane,
But when I’m surrounded I just cant stop.

Its a matter of instinct, its a matter of conditioning,
Its a matter of fact.
You can call me pavlov’s dog.
Ring a bell and I’ll salivate. how’d you like that?
Dr. lendy tell me you’re not just a pedagogue,
Cause right now i’m

Lying in bed just like brian wilson did
Well I’m lying in bed just like brian wilson did.

So I’m lying here, just starting at the ceiling tiles.
And I’m thinking about what to think about.
Just listening and relistening to smiley smile,
And I’m wondering if this is some kind of create drought
Because I am

Lying in bed just like brian wilson did
Well I’m lying in bed just like brian wilson did.

And if you want to find me Ill be out in the sandbox,
Wondering where the hell all the love has gone.
Playing my guitar and building castles in the sun,
And singing fun, fun, fun.

Lying in bed just like brian wilson did
Well I’m lying in bed just like brian wilson did.

I had a dream that I was three hundred pounds
And though I was very heavy,
I floated til I couldn’t see the ground
I floated til I couldn’t see the ground
Somebody help me, I couldn’t see the ground
Somebody help me, I couldn’t see the ground
Somebody help me because i’m
Lying in bed just like brian wilson did
Well I’m lying in bed just like brian wilson did.

Drove downtown in the rain nine-thirty on a tuesday night.
Just to check out the late-night record shop.
Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane;
But when Im surrounded I just cant stop.


Hey look… I still suck.

July 5, 2008

I am SO mad at myself for not going out tonight! Oh hey, someone offers me their friendship? Better not call them when I am supposed to. This is why I have no friends. I am still the same dumb old Amber. I have just been in this very homey phase… I guess even though I have been lonely I like loneliness in a way and I have just been enjoying that.

Excited for things to not be boring soon!

No yoga either! I am SO sore. Kill me please! In my mind, it is Keith who drags us down but I am even lazier when he is not here! I will never be bitching about him wanting to stay home again. Haha.

FINALLY listening to Emily Haines. Very good. Much better than Metric I think.

There’s a pattern in the system
There’s a bullet in the gun
That’s why I tried to save you
But it can’t be done

Also I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s like Asian ketchup to me. I have found it is even good as soup broth haha.

And I don’t really get this. This has been happening for four days and my readership is up, but I wonder why?

Ahh the magic and mystique of the internet.

ps: Who the fuck is Charles Cromer and why is he on my website?


general admission.

June 28, 2008

i think i am getting too old for general admission shows. although, there is something about being crammed up against other sweaty bodies, moving with the pulse of the crowd. but when you’re short, it it especially difficult. any way, next time i hope there are seats.

i prefer matt good as an acoustic artist, but it is also pretty awesome to be shouting along to everything is automatic… it’s like i am 15 again.


star star

June 12, 2008

star star teach me how to shine
teach me so i know
what’s going on in your mind

i LOVE finding new music!!! i go on huge obsessive binges of music…right now obsessed with the frames/glen hansard


you’re the hooves that lead me through the forest.

June 10, 2008

baroque pop: a genre of music from the 60s that i enjoy but didn’t realize it had a specific name, was a specific genre. i did learn this upon discovering a new band [again: i love you npr! i have found it impossible up until now to effectively find new music.] i always loved the harmonies of crosby, stills, nash and young, simon and garfunkel, the beach boys, the zombies, etc. there is a band called fleet foxes from seattle who channel a lot of that… yay new music to listen to.

fleet foxes

also: i kind of like this song, by an acoustic band called the bowerbirds.

there is also a fairly amazing concert featuring glen hansard and marketa irglova with music from the movie once

it is pretty magical, maybe the music just speaks to me, sometimes nothing beats the straightforward simplicity of the timeless tale of a boy and a girl. they must be planning another cd together because there were quite a few great songs they played that are not released. they make me feel like a lovesick teenager. SIGH.

if you want me
satisfy me

and for some reason the postal service and death cab for cutie in general piss me off, but here is an acoustic show with their lead singer… i am such an absolute sucker for acoustic shows.