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February 11, 2008

first of a two pathetically minor picture updates. [i really need a new camera.]

brittani and kevin came over on saturday to play wii. it was pretty fucking fun. we bought a few new games. i would recommend mario and sonic at the olympics; i am not sure why i heard bad things. super swing golf is pretty good too, a lot more in depth than wii sports golf of course. it is nice to have ‘couple friends,’ brittani and kevin are both great but we never hang out. they are generally fairly anti-social like us i think, which is a good sign to be honest.

laughs were had by one and all.

brittani is hilarious, she is always like ‘i am stressed, how do i play this, i am an idiot’ and then she kicks everyone’s ass. if i had that skill i would be such a douchebag about it.

keith: “i think you’re at a disadvantage if you’re amber…”

kevin: “oh no, i agree.”

to me a sign of friendship is when someone feels familiar enough to mock another. that is when i truly knew me and kevin were cool.



pew pew pew


bob and weave

just bob and weave!

good one brit

good one brittani…. i mean keith?

so i went for a massage today… and he did it this time. he found the sweet spot. i now love him. he said ‘turn your head now. does it hurt?’ ‘yes.’ then he poked a bit, said ‘turn your head again. does it hurt?’ ‘no!’ i am worried i will wake up tomorrow and it will be sore again but such is life. i have to start doing exercises for my weak back.

aha, it all makes sense now.