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where is my montserrat?

March 11, 2008

i am in such a good mood this week! [aside from a brief period of time yesterday – see last post.] the sun is shining today, i have an amber-based adventure at the end of the week. my mother was going to travel with me but i am so glad she decided against it. naturally as i am generally a solitary person, i like to travel alone. it is something more than just getting time to myself… there is a sadness, an excitement, an independence that comes along with it. i haven’t traveled alone in a long time. [by”travel” i don’t mean anything exciting or exotic… more the 4 hour ordeal required to get off this rock.]

i “know” a girl, in this wacky internet land of ours. she is brilliant, beautiful, confident, and seems completely herself. for someone who seems to know herself so well already, it is amazing she decided to move by herself to montserrat, to read, write, contemplate life, explore, take amazing nude photos in abandoned cities covered in a thick layer of volcanic ash, etc. i am jealous of that. i love my life so much now, but i feel at some point in my life there must be a montserrat waiting for me. me, me, me…. who am i?