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Important Purchase

July 18, 2008

Check out this sweet camera I bought

Look at the pictures it takes!

And I am OBSESSED with those virility bears or whatever… I don’t even think Jacob brought me back one from Japan!


damn you jacob

April 10, 2008

i very much wish i lived in japan, and could take photos of wacky signs all i pleased.

though, i have a feeling it might be one of those places i have always fantasized about, but upon arrival would most likely hate. like new york city. would still be amazing to see though.

i watched this documentary recently, tokyo girls i think it was called. about white women who go to japan to be hostesses. how draining it would be, customer service, big style. i think i would be good at it [if i were taller and more attractive] but it would definitely kill me inside. apparently all the drinking you must do often goes hand in hand with methamphetamines. then i would be extra good at all the stupid conversation.