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nighties and intoxication and marie antoinette until dawn.

April 11, 2008

lindsay developed some film from last year… at the hyatt.

and i wasn’t there for this photo of nicola but i enjoy it!

all of these pictures are pretty great, check out the set.


those sweet distant memories of one weekend(s) ago.

March 27, 2008

more pictures of general girlie fun. thanks to lindsay for some good ones.

jager shots at foundation


me and linds



the whip


a larger trickle…

a little trickle…

lindsay laughing

aww lindsay is so damned cute! i can almost hear her laughing now.

those cold wet fools.


“however you say it? crudoodie?”


me and lindsay sleeping till 3 pm the next day was pretty nice.


a few more.

March 19, 2008

sorry to post such terrible quality pictures [especially to those ladies with their amazing cameras] but you know, i have actually kind of grown to love this disgustingly low quality photo from my digital camera… it is the closest to real film you get these days, kind of. [hit and miss, like my photography.] except for like…. real film.



at foundation. a good vegetarian restaurant where we spent way too much time drinking [and spilling] wine.






slutty reflection.



i am pretty sure i am the only person on earth who finds these pictures ART!


mmm room service

i wish i could get croissants and coffee delivered to me every morning at the cost of $22! so worth it… when you’re incredibly lazy.



one of those magical film moments.

March 17, 2008

“Somehow or another I managed to capture my entire Friday night in one photo.” –Linds


also i love nicola’s explaination as to why she has a crown tattoo; “canada dry gingerale dude…?”


a few pictures.

March 17, 2008

i will post more later, but after editing crappy pictures all day [incredibly slowly] i am sick of looking at them!



the people are tiny from the 20th floor. and look, it wasn’t just the quebecois bay that are geniuses.


you can indeed fit four girls sleeping in that bed… and one on the chaise longue.


the pool was closed so we needed some skivvie activities… unfortunately after all the hotboxing the tub overflowed.


letting my camera dry out. it was making interesting noises.

there are more, i might post them later.

sweet, sweet day off after traveling!



March 16, 2008

sigh. pretty epic weekend but failed at my mission. however… sigh.

it is sad to check out even though i want to go home…. i wish i lived in a hotel.

waiting for my croissant and coffee now.

want to get some shopping in before check out time!

i hope the overflowing bathtub did not completely destroy my camera and i can salvage a few pictures of friday night’s madness.


i am here

March 14, 2008

am i destined to be disappointed by all hotel rooms? or am i simply destined to be cheap and the least expensive rooms in the hotel are destined to be disappointing?

one day i will stay in a hotel that lives up to my expectations…

it’s all my former embezzling bosses fault for subjecting me to the executive floor of the river rock.

i didn’t get any pictures that did it justice but let’s just say i will be disappointed if it doesn’t have the word ‘suite’ in the title i guess.

EDIT:: okay, i take most of what i said back. although that it still true, i found a redeeming quality about this place after all. so i called ahead to the pacific centre shopper’s drug mart to have my perscription transferred over so i could pick it up, and i knew it would be close to my hotel. i didn’t realize how close. I DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE BUILDING TO BE IN A MALL. i have a feeling i am going to spend a lot of money this weekend…. which is great because i never go shopping as i am too lazy. no excuse now, i may finally end up with some new clothes.