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Hey look… I still suck.

July 5, 2008

I am SO mad at myself for not going out tonight! Oh hey, someone offers me their friendship? Better not call them when I am supposed to. This is why I have no friends. I am still the same dumb old Amber. I have just been in this very homey phase… I guess even though I have been lonely I like loneliness in a way and I have just been enjoying that.

Excited for things to not be boring soon!

No yoga either! I am SO sore. Kill me please! In my mind, it is Keith who drags us down but I am even lazier when he is not here! I will never be bitching about him wanting to stay home again. Haha.

FINALLY listening to Emily Haines. Very good. Much better than Metric I think.

There’s a pattern in the system
There’s a bullet in the gun
That’s why I tried to save you
But it can’t be done

Also I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s like Asian ketchup to me. I have found it is even good as soup broth haha.

And I don’t really get this. This has been happening for four days and my readership is up, but I wonder why?

Ahh the magic and mystique of the internet.

ps: Who the fuck is Charles Cromer and why is he on my website?


i am an internet baby.

July 2, 2008

oh my god, i just went to myspace. it was pretty much the trippiest thing ever. i do miss the customization though. and it’s not like anyone’s profiles on facebook are that less annoying, with all the applications some people add. but with facebook you can hide really shitty parts of people’s profile, which is sweet.


oh and i am eating pogos for dinner. i don’t care what any jerks say, that is exciting to me because keith never lets me buy them. haha. he is only controlling in food based ways, and no others. it is pretty funny.


May 20, 2008

tonight was my first night i actually enjoyed bikram’s. at no point did i have to stop and take a break, at no point did i have my ‘i hate this, i must get out of here’ discussion. i am sure it must have been the nice cool weather this evening, but let’s pretend it’s cause i’m awesome. so excited, i wish it wasn’t going to get crappily hot. i am horrible with my love/hate relationship with summer.

i am so weirdly addicted to soup [when eating out,] tonight i could not get out of dinner before yoga, but i saved most of it for lunch tomorrow. i ordered spicy beef noodle soup at the chinese place, it was really good. really, who am i?


the big two-three.

May 12, 2008

friday i went to bikram again. i was on the fence as to whether to sign up for the 20 classes at 1/3 discount that is only offered when you take your second class. however this old woman who was beside me who looked like she was dying a painful death the whole class [it was her second time too] ended up committing afterwards, so that was the push i needed. i found my second class harder, but i think i may have been pushing myself harder. hopefully it starts getting more enjoyable at some point.

on saturday my brother appeared in town to surprise my mom for mother’s day. we showed up at the farmer’s market she volunteers at every week, and she was indeed very surprised. we went to ferris’ for a late lunch i had this vegetable penne chili chicken soup with rice dumplings…. so good. we walked around downtown, went to my mom’s, tried to decide what we would have for dinner until it got too late to go anywhere so we picked up a bunch of random stuff from thrifty’s and went to my place and my brother made up a plate of appetizers for us. after some drinks, cake, presents, and mario kart, my mom left around one or so and we went to sleep. then up early the next day for the metchosin farmer’s market. when i looked out the window, it looked like a warm, beautiful, sunny day. after getting dressed in a distinctly summery outfit and heading out, i discovered it was bitterly windy. we ended off with a mother’s day brunch at a pub and my brother headed out. my birthday was pretty non-existent, by the time i was done with my family it was dinner time, and my first chance all weekend to relax.

next year my birthday is not on mother’s day! will probably still be a non-event however.