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our sicophantic replacements are here at last.

June 6, 2008

bss studio session:

“i say this all the time, but what we say is no different than someone saying it to you on a subway or at a cafe. when people are on stages, people start to perceive that somebody makes a comment, and it means so much more because you’re standing five feet higher than them and you have a microphone.”

if only all musicians bought into that… i mean, uhh, i don’t know anyone like that….

[insert casual whistle here]


you are lucky to know me, you just don’t know it.

February 14, 2008

sometimes i wish i didn’t think i was such a damned awesome and amazing person. but then i remember all those years when people would tell me nice things and i just wouldn’t hear them… do i deserve this newfound state of finally having an ego after going through years of self-doubt? probably not. it will probably get me into trouble.

but i am an awesome person so i will manage just fine!


I AM LEGEND. no, not you…..