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so like who wants to do lsd with me in a park?

June 10, 2008

being an adult is soooo boring and not at all what i envisioned.

taking applications here for new bffff..ff..f.

shouldn’t life be more like this? maybe that’s why i always enjoyed recreational drugs in the past… life becomes more magical.

here are some other old pictures i came across.

low brow to be sure, but a classic.

sigh… the bon temps. some of the bonnest.

a sarah original.

in ode to this of course:

i am pretty sure he was creeped out in actual fact. not so much the fact i was there, but first in line possibly?

aww, my second favourite pet sambuca/sam. [cat=first.] i took him to school in my pocket. he died of cancer.

the only true love in this world is that of two rikers.

i was pretty awesome. fleece pants!

i only show such a scantily clad picture… because physically/mentally i am quite a different person! i kind of want to smack myself for hating myself back then. if only i had confidence in my youth i think things may have gone a lot differently. then again that person is who i was, and why i am who i am now. good/bad? impossible to say impartially.

i also just found the most disgustingly vain shitty webcam collage of myself that i want to share cause it’s hilarious but it makes me hate myself too much. those times were funny… cover up extreme insecurity with equally as radical “vanity.”


they all want to fuck the cos.

April 15, 2008

bill cosby to release hip-hop album!

damnit. why, why, WHY is he not rapping on it? that would be one of the greatest things ever.

i used to be obsessed with bill cosby, for some reason. i am pretty sure it began on a wicked lsd trip [also involving meat and tina turner.]

unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of the multiple bill cosby stick puppets i have made, so instead in tribute i will post my favourite picture of him which graced the walls of my high school bedroom for years.


time’s arrow.

April 3, 2008

a while ago someone i went to high school with in grades 8/9 sent me a message on my ‘honesty box’ on my facebook profile. i really like this application, you can leave anonymous messages for people. surprisingly none of them have been nasty yet. infact i got a few confessions of lust and admiration, but this is not the sole reason that i like the application.

anyway once i figured out who it was we ended up somehow sharing some of our items on our lists of things we want to do before we die. mine are mostly sadly debaucherous, or just plain dorky.

i have always wanted to go to the wax museum on mushrooms. i think it would be scary but amazing, considering how surreal the place is on it’s own.

mummies scare me a lot.

looks slightly unpleasant…

mangiest mange beasts ever.

even in wax form she’s kind of a slut

goldie hawn looks pretty hilarious here

i think this frightening image encapsulates the wax museum for me

no… i’m fairly certain that’s the eighth and lesser known dwarf, ‘creepy’

clearly he is stealing your soul.

yes, i would say the title of ‘cell of little ease’ is somewhat appropriate

quite possible the scariest alice in wonderland themed thing ever. i love the look on the caterpillars face. ‘meh’

you can tell she played the tin man in her earlier years in a stage production of wizard of oz, can’t you?

my marathon of hope.