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May 6, 2008

i actually drove! in a car! in traffic! and i am not dead!

pretty accomplished week so far, and it’s only tuesday!

aside from at work, which even though i have a massive amount to do, i just can’t seem to motivate myself to do ANYTHING.


the boy with the arab cat.

May 5, 2008

the weekend was awesome. the only drawback of having a nice place you really want to spend time in, is that leaving that place sucks that much more. i already had a hard enough time dragging myself to work every day!

friday we tried this bbq place that many people have raved about. lucky we had received a gift certificate from the strata, because i was ultimately quite disappointed. nothing about it was bad, but some people are too easily impressed. i love ribs, so it was slightly crushing that they were not the orgasmic, porktastic experience i had anticipated.

saturday our cable was hooked up, i went for a walk, and we made the grave mistake of going to costco. costco on a saturday afternoon is one of the closest places to pure hell i can imagine. i can’t believe i had forgotten this! never again. the traffic going ‘out there’ [aren’t i already there?] was even insane… next saturday afternoon i am staying in! we did come across this neat wine store, it was massive and intimidating so i left right away. but they had such an extensive selection, and a tasting bar, and a fancy vintage room at the back… someday i intend to be educated enough on the subject to go in there and not be completely lost.

sunday was staying in day. lots of mario kart was played, i attempted and somehow failed at doing some yoga on my own, our first chance to watch coronation street in the new place [now it truly does feel like home!] after spending some time with us in our new place, the cat became obviously more comfortable, as did i. i cooked my first dinner in the brand new kitchen, chicken breasts stuffed with apples and brie which i was really looking forward to but i didn’t enjoy as much as i had expected. keith did though, so at least it was not a total waste.

i still haven’t tackled my fear of bikram yoga, saturday i was just not up for a challenge [and to be honest i need to buy a pair of shorts!] and sunday there was no practice happening. i don’t know what i fear… being in that room with all those people, sweating my brains out, stifled breathing, feeling so hot i am going to die, and being too embarrassed to leave! at least then i will have tried it, and know i need to find an alternative for practicing yoga in langford.

tomorrow is my first in car driving lesson. hopefully this is a life long fear i can finally get out of the way. no longer will i have the recurring nightmare that the driver is incapacitated and i have to drive somewhere but don’t know how. story of my life, in a greater sense.


damn you shaw.

March 24, 2008

why don’t you show the bunnies anymore? on easter they used to show a non-stop video of bunnies frolicking about. my cat was mesmerized by the sight.

bunny tv
[a few tvs/lifetimes ago.]

since we purchased a ridiculously insanely huge tv on the weekend i can only imagine how my cat would react. alas, they have switched over to the not as easter-ish theme of goats for the past couple of years!

wii is so much better on the large screen. suddenly we are really good at super swing golf. i can’t wait to have brittani and kevin over and play DOUBLES TENNIS. along with two extra controllers i think we also need to purchase a larger living room.

it was supposed to be nice this weekend and i was actually going to force myself to attain my lofty goal of playing tennis. i think this summer i might take some lessons, so as a] not to suck horribly anymore b] to be forced to play tennis. also, i think i will be starting a yoga class in april [yes, you heard right….] along with young drivers of course.

we went to look at scooters this weekend. the one i had envisioned myself purchasing was actually too large and imposing for me. the vino is much, much more “amber-sized” [if you know me in real life this term will make perfect sense.] i hope i have the confidence to drive a scooter once i have the skills down. i am going to finance it all by myself which shouldn’t be exciting to me but it is.

anyway, i had a pretty nice weekend. i really enjoy the fact that me and brittani can go a while without seeing each other and then pick up with ease just where we left off [even without the aid of alcohol.]


goals of 2008.

January 14, 2008

i used to want a vespa very badly. i still do. however with the abundance of genuine and faux-vintage scooters around these days, i am almost thinking of getting something a little different.

first things first, i must conquer a lifelong fear of driving. i am sure i will be able to do it. since i was a child i have always helped my mother to navigate and in turn paid a lot of attention to what is going on on the road. i feel uncomfortable when i am in a car if i am not paying attention to the traffic in front of me. i finally got my learner’s last january. that means i am technically able to get my [nearly] full license now. however, i have never driven. i don’t know why i am so apprehensive. it seems like such a huge responsibility. then i remind myself there are probably a lot less intelligent and responsible people out there on the roads… if they can do it i can do it. i have been saying that long enough though, and now it’s a matter of doing.

i do not really want my cat to be dead, nor will i steal matt good’s dog. it is just that he is a cute dog, so i would like to get one similar. also, i would feel guilty getting a dog which my cat would certainly hate. in any case, i can’t really work full time and leave my dog at home alone all day, so i am not sure how i am going to go about it. but i am getting sick of owning a dog being a lifelong unattainable goal! can only independently wealthy people own dogs?

goals of 2008.

i think i should be a graphic designer. for sure.