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goals of 2008.

January 14, 2008

i used to want a vespa very badly. i still do. however with the abundance of genuine and faux-vintage scooters around these days, i am almost thinking of getting something a little different.

first things first, i must conquer a lifelong fear of driving. i am sure i will be able to do it. since i was a child i have always helped my mother to navigate and in turn paid a lot of attention to what is going on on the road. i feel uncomfortable when i am in a car if i am not paying attention to the traffic in front of me. i finally got my learner’s last january. that means i am technically able to get my [nearly] full license now. however, i have never driven. i don’t know why i am so apprehensive. it seems like such a huge responsibility. then i remind myself there are probably a lot less intelligent and responsible people out there on the roads… if they can do it i can do it. i have been saying that long enough though, and now it’s a matter of doing.

i do not really want my cat to be dead, nor will i steal matt good’s dog. it is just that he is a cute dog, so i would like to get one similar. also, i would feel guilty getting a dog which my cat would certainly hate. in any case, i can’t really work full time and leave my dog at home alone all day, so i am not sure how i am going to go about it. but i am getting sick of owning a dog being a lifelong unattainable goal! can only independently wealthy people own dogs?

goals of 2008.

i think i should be a graphic designer. for sure.