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we’ve got eyes that leave us in places we don’t see.

June 6, 2008

i was in such a good mood today. so looking forward to the weekend. now, somehow, i am really grumpy and kind of feel like crying in actual strange fact. i am generally not prone to such mood swings of yesteryear, thank god. perhaps it is the release after the trauma of a good old waxing. perhaps it is other people’s grumpiness rubbing off on me. perhaps it is admitted frustrations just beyond my control. possible need to just get over certain things. a strange feeling… pessimistic for the first time in quite a while. i guess no one can maintain constant optimism.

in any case, hopefully my friends alcohol and marijuana will cheer me up. yes, they always do. off to the weed room aka my bathroom. i really do have to take pictures of this place sometime soon.

i am planning a very low key weekend, internetting and relaxing and maybe going for a walk, reading my book which is intriguing beyond compare [i plan to share some of the passages i find more interesting later] and having a sweet sweet coronation street party on sunday due to [update: smoked weed have drink now feel slightly better] stupid dumb hockey being over and the street being once every weekday again but still getting them on sunday so we get TEN this upcoming week. yes, i am always going to write about coronation street, insert the name of a show that those others than the elderly [slash british] watch if you please. in addition we started watching jeeves and wooster recently which i quite enjoy actually, even though i kind of wanted to hate the rogue doctor who plays against the rules we shall not name.

here are some neat things my friend cissa came across while working… she works at a gallery in california basically looking for cool stuff all day [i think…] what a crazily awesome job.

as someone did mention, it is kind of obnoxious how it is presuming to choose how you step, but still neat.

They fold flat like a phonebook, and have magnets at each end of the “accordion” so they can attach to themselves and make a round stool/table, or they can attach to each other and make long benches or snakey structures throughout someone’s home. They can also support the weight of a human body and it makes them the perfect space savers ever. The white tyvek pieces are made from spun polycarbonate fibers (the same stuff that the USPS priority mail envelopes are made from) and are tearproof and waterproof as well.

i can’t even do yoga this weekend cause i am not supposed to sweat after waxing!


we ran into a cave…

February 24, 2008

i decided that my cat is really the kind of cat that needs a cave. it likes to hide and those cat tree houses would just taunt it’s hefty self with their inaccessibility.

while searching for cat caves i came across this ridiculously lovely thing…

cat cave.

you know when it’s called scandinavian details it’s going to be good. i don’t know much about scandinavian design but i love it of course… i know he had other things on his mind but i was so mad when my brother came back from living in sweden for a bit and didn’t even bring me home a cool magnet!