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the boy with the arab cat.

May 5, 2008

the weekend was awesome. the only drawback of having a nice place you really want to spend time in, is that leaving that place sucks that much more. i already had a hard enough time dragging myself to work every day!

friday we tried this bbq place that many people have raved about. lucky we had received a gift certificate from the strata, because i was ultimately quite disappointed. nothing about it was bad, but some people are too easily impressed. i love ribs, so it was slightly crushing that they were not the orgasmic, porktastic experience i had anticipated.

saturday our cable was hooked up, i went for a walk, and we made the grave mistake of going to costco. costco on a saturday afternoon is one of the closest places to pure hell i can imagine. i can’t believe i had forgotten this! never again. the traffic going ‘out there’ [aren’t i already there?] was even insane… next saturday afternoon i am staying in! we did come across this neat wine store, it was massive and intimidating so i left right away. but they had such an extensive selection, and a tasting bar, and a fancy vintage room at the back… someday i intend to be educated enough on the subject to go in there and not be completely lost.

sunday was staying in day. lots of mario kart was played, i attempted and somehow failed at doing some yoga on my own, our first chance to watch coronation street in the new place [now it truly does feel like home!] after spending some time with us in our new place, the cat became obviously more comfortable, as did i. i cooked my first dinner in the brand new kitchen, chicken breasts stuffed with apples and brie which i was really looking forward to but i didn’t enjoy as much as i had expected. keith did though, so at least it was not a total waste.

i still haven’t tackled my fear of bikram yoga, saturday i was just not up for a challenge [and to be honest i need to buy a pair of shorts!] and sunday there was no practice happening. i don’t know what i fear… being in that room with all those people, sweating my brains out, stifled breathing, feeling so hot i am going to die, and being too embarrassed to leave! at least then i will have tried it, and know i need to find an alternative for practicing yoga in langford.

tomorrow is my first in car driving lesson. hopefully this is a life long fear i can finally get out of the way. no longer will i have the recurring nightmare that the driver is incapacitated and i have to drive somewhere but don’t know how. story of my life, in a greater sense.


not a bad monday.

February 25, 2008

pulled pork…. i am just like the beautiful new woman of today on the cover of that 70s crock pot cookbook.

so it looks like they aren’t hiring anyone in the finance office now… and laurie taught me how to muddle through bank reconciliations and gst filing and bank transactions. i think she will come in one or two times a month and the rest will be up to me? hopefully i don’t fuck everything up and make more work for her. and yet my title is still accounting assistant… i am not sure as to who i am assisting anymore.

seriously, i am updating my resume and i don’t know what to call myself. accounting clerk doesn’t sound right for someone who takes care of human resources, 95% of all accounting duties, is currently the only person in the administration department… but i am not an accountant, or a bookkeeper, or an office manager…

“one msn conversation in the guise of you and your mom would never talk to you again.”

i have an unholy love of silent garfield. i am surprised i have not yet subjected you to it.

silent garfield

i wonder what jim davis thinks of silent garfield? he probably hates it because garfield is not expressing his sassy personality and love of lasagna to it’s fullest. which is why it is awesome. garfield is like a normal cat and jon is so, so sad.