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May 30, 2008

oh my god! this may be the best thing ever! i am in love with this huge huge dork!

that is right… GUITAR HERO MEETS COMMODORE 64. well, i guess to me, anything meeting commodore 64 is GOLDEN!

i wish i was smart like this!

*a small portion of my giddiness may be attributed to a work friend picking me up a caffe latte from starbucks… i was so grumpy today i had to break my no coffee rule!


photoshop: least intuitive software ever?

March 19, 2008

i know nobody answers my questions, but why am i having the most ridiculously hard time resizing a layer in photoshop? no online help is aiding me.

i was about to make an aids joke but i hate to reference south park.

also: is it still a simpsons quote i can never, ever use [but always wants to come out of my mouth] if i put a question mark at the end? i really wish the simpsons didn’t have to destroy itself so, so badly. to the point where i am not sure if i can ever watch classic episodes again. [i definitely can never say never.] for the past i don’t know how many years i have been watching a few minutes here and there [of the new episodes], and there is just nothing resembling comedy i can find.



March 11, 2008

my mother dragged me to a pretty amazing thing tonight. first it was ‘green drinks’ which was interesting, lots of people there with presumably interesting stories, with the intention of meeting others. i ran into a girl who was a ‘youth mentor’ on the leadership initiatives for eath [l.i.f.e.] trips i went on [which seems to not even have a website now, which is sad because they were a good organization.]

me in the life days! vargas island in clayoquot is pretty amazing. and yes, i was fucking sweet.

then in the latter part of the evening was meeting to see an xo computer with a group and was inspired by intelligent people who are doing things… projects etc… i wish i wasn’t so lazy. and lawn bowling! i wish i was doing something interesting with my life. i know i am young so i have a while but i just can’t help but feel i am wasting time doing something i am not interested in. my boyfriend is intelligent and doing something interesting, so many others are… it makes me feel lacking in comparison. i fear i will feel ‘undereducated’ for life.

i fell in love with the eee, actually.

’tis amber-sized! [that is small.] yet so reminds me of keith’s ibm thinkpad which i reluctantly love. although it does not have the amazingly sweet finger mouse button thing which all laptops should have!

ps: once again, the jig is up! hi mom :P i know, it is a crime to desire some parent-free zones in life.


further proof i am lame.

January 26, 2008

i am very excited right now… i have to make a brochure for a fund raising event for my mom’s organization and i was really not looking forward to using photoshop to do a shitty job, being really annoyed with word 2003, or having to learn corel draw. luckily someone who i am not allowed to talk about is doing something i am not allowed to talk about which involves having to become familiar with office 2007. surprisingly it seems actually pretty sweet. they have a program called publisher with brochure templates… i know that sort of thing is cheating but why do things the hard way when you don’t have to, in this day in age? now this is going to be so easy and not look like crap.



your favourite trippy algae things may actually be useful.

January 24, 2008


that’s correct, your old friend the diatom isn’t just for staring at while you’re really stoned anymore.

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