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it’s time that we grow old and do some shit.

June 8, 2008

this weekend ended up being great. some much needed nestling. i know nesting may be the right term here, but that pisses me off, possibly because it insinuates eggs. bought a bunch of stuff for the house today, a small bbq, chairs for the deck, a mirror, a framed picture, this is it i think. nice to spend the weekend at home, attempted to finally ‘move in’ but ended up making a huge mess that still hasn’t been cleaned up. must be by friday as celeste arrives!

i don’t think i really like sitting on that stump.

yes, we still have times that good, believe it or not. with fewer puppy surprises/trolls. i was a bit surprised too when i saw her last summer! i am really looking forward to seeing her. we are going to watch the movie ‘once’ as we have both heard very good things about it. and she is into musical theatre [to a professional¬† degree], so i am sure she will like it. it is amazing we get along after all these years. i think you choose your friends for a reason, even back then.

wow i just noticed my amazing 100 dalmations outfit in that last photo.

i wish the work week was not impending… i think i really need a new¬† job. i am thinking september may bring such a thing.


‘i laugh at what you call dissolution’

May 21, 2008

what i wouldn’t do for some summer fun oreos, a neon a&w hat, a canvas tent, bon echo, and about 17 years off my age. just for a day.



April 20, 2008

some of my best memories were in this vw camper, with these chipmunks.

i like how scared he looks.


a little too relaxed.

March 25, 2008

i think i might have such negative associations with yoga because my one memory of it is attending a class with my best friend and her mom when i was four or five or something. i peed all over my popples towel. i didn’t say anything but my unusual level of moisture must have been noticed on the car ride home. i hope i don’t pee my pants this time.

best friends

best friends 2

nearly twenty years later… [the girl on the left didn’t age so well.]


lolita, lolita, lolita.

March 16, 2008

how funny that i should finish reading you on the ferry.

i hate that sad feeling one gets when finishing a book that has really enveloped you. you can read it again in a while if you wish, but it’s never quite the same. i’ve gotten that feeling since i was about seven years old.

ever since bunnicula, semi-oddly enough.


celery stalks

or perhaps it was younger with pinkerton?


oh, sweet sweet 1991.

pinkerton! the real one

i really like how there is a real pinkerton.

on a side note, this book by the same illustrator has bad memories for me, as it was an often read book while waiting in the principles office.

how much is a million