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dear cat:

April 17, 2008

where are you from? were people nice to you? why do you hate it when you’re picked up? do you love us more or less? is your life happier? do you even remember? i would give at least my left thumb to discover the answer to these questions.



March 28, 2008

i think we may have just bought a condo.

despite evidence to the contrary, i am excited! and partially insanely terrified.


do you think you need to do a building inspection on a brand new place with a 10 year warranty? it seems unnecessary, but i don’t know much about these things and i hate to be naive.


damn you shaw.

March 24, 2008

why don’t you show the bunnies anymore? on easter they used to show a non-stop video of bunnies frolicking about. my cat was mesmerized by the sight.

bunny tv
[a few tvs/lifetimes ago.]

since we purchased a ridiculously insanely huge tv on the weekend i can only imagine how my cat would react. alas, they have switched over to the not as easter-ish theme of goats for the past couple of years!

wii is so much better on the large screen. suddenly we are really good at super swing golf. i can’t wait to have brittani and kevin over and play DOUBLES TENNIS. along with two extra controllers i think we also need to purchase a larger living room.

it was supposed to be nice this weekend and i was actually going to force myself to attain my lofty goal of playing tennis. i think this summer i might take some lessons, so as a] not to suck horribly anymore b] to be forced to play tennis. also, i think i will be starting a yoga class in april [yes, you heard right….] along with young drivers of course.

we went to look at scooters this weekend. the one i had envisioned myself purchasing was actually too large and imposing for me. the vino is much, much more “amber-sized” [if you know me in real life this term will make perfect sense.] i hope i have the confidence to drive a scooter once i have the skills down. i am going to finance it all by myself which shouldn’t be exciting to me but it is.

anyway, i had a pretty nice weekend. i really enjoy the fact that me and brittani can go a while without seeing each other and then pick up with ease just where we left off [even without the aid of alcohol.]


i find that to be one sweet cat.

March 21, 2008




March 1, 2008

wow i can’t tell you how excited i am for a creative endeavor to be realized very soon that has been in my mind for a couple of years. there are some amazing people involved… and a fun trip to vancouver!

the great hall.

now that is a sensual beast.

sensual cat


we ran into a cave…

February 24, 2008

i decided that my cat is really the kind of cat that needs a cave. it likes to hide and those cat tree houses would just taunt it’s hefty self with their inaccessibility.

while searching for cat caves i came across this ridiculously lovely thing…

cat cave.

you know when it’s called scandinavian details it’s going to be good. i don’t know much about scandinavian design but i love it of course… i know he had other things on his mind but i was so mad when my brother came back from living in sweden for a bit and didn’t even bring me home a cool magnet!


acceptance of being the crazy cat lady.

February 4, 2008

when you are the owner of a cat, it seems regardless of how often you lint brush yourself you are that person who is walking around with cat hair all over your clothes. it is really tough to be fashionable or attractive when you’re that insane woman [things i can struggle at at the best of times.] i lint brush my new clothes before i leave the house. they look good. i arrive at work, somehow i am covered in hair again. is my cat hiding in my pocket? i lint brush myself when i get to work. surely this will last. there are no cats to be seen, and i have even lint-brushed my chair to take care of those strays i have transported there myself. and yet, not 20 minutes later, i am once again that insane woman. where is that beast lurking?

don’t fight it, don’t even try…. i think i should just make a cardigan with all the matted hair and just embrace it to it’s fullest.