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‘i laugh at what you call dissolution’

May 21, 2008

what i wouldn’t do for some summer fun oreos, a neon a&w hat, a canvas tent, bon echo, and about 17 years off my age. just for a day.



April 28, 2008

it has been a while. my apologies, dear readers. as you can probably imagine i am going through quite a stressful time right now. moving is bad enough but we are currently having issues as to when we take possession… we have to be out of our apartment on the 30th and it seems no one informed us, but we discovered we do not get the keys until noon the next day. hopefully we can figure something out, hopefully the development company is flexible… &#$^$%$

the past week has been terrible enough… SO much to do, it is hard to believe. my cat seems to be stressed out too, i wonder if it ended up at the spca because it’s owners were moving?

anyway, either way, it will all be over in a few days. even though i don’t have the time, i think i am going to make it to yoga tonight anyway, as it’s my last class there and i think i need the relaxation.

i will be back soon!

it’s almost summer, although it really does not seem like it. i can’t wait until this: