they all want to fuck the cos.

April 15, 2008

bill cosby to release hip-hop album!

damnit. why, why, WHY is he not rapping on it? that would be one of the greatest things ever.

i used to be obsessed with bill cosby, for some reason. i am pretty sure it began on a wicked lsd trip [also involving meat and tina turner.]

unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of the multiple bill cosby stick puppets i have made, so instead in tribute i will post my favourite picture of him which graced the walls of my high school bedroom for years.



  1. Not the LSD trip with rainbow bread, me, and Marci?

  2. haha, not that one. although the smashing pumpkins song ‘today’ will always remind me of that, but not sure if you recall… i think that was the first time ever? holy shit.

  3. yes, i believe it was! for all three of us! hahah
    nooo, don’t remember about that song? but it was sung at my step-brother’s funeral.
    do you remember beep beep cars don’t sleep? zoom zoom trucks go vroom, which marci randomly made up that night?

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