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March 29, 2008

my mom has to be one of the least frustrating people to talk to on msn ever….

mom says:
dunno-how many have ya sent?
amber. says:
this is the 5th
mom says:
how many did ya send?
amber. says:
this is the fifth
mom says:
ok-5…sigh…can you please email them?
amber. says:
what is wrong?
mom says:
dunno lemme look

[five minutes later…]

mom says:
I only see 5
amber. says:
haha that is how many i sent you dork
mom says:
I have 3 cars-2 dreamers now
amber. says:
this has to be one of the most classic msn conversations ever
mom says:
that makes only 5 photos in all-seem to have missed 1

…. NOT!!!!


there are crazy cat men as well.

March 28, 2008

i nearly forgot about this lovely point. i no longer have to feel like a skuzzy creep. our sharply dressed and very professional, most likely rich real estate agent, had a similar wool coat to mine. it was completely insanely covered in cat hair. apparently it is unavoidable, i feel less poorly about myself now.


you can see right through me.

March 28, 2008

i miss you, i miss you. i wish shit didn’t always have to happen to come between us. were we never meant to be best friends? i just want to put everything aside… shall we always do this for the rest of our lives? do you know me too well… is that why we keep coming back to me being a despicable person?


cathy i’m lost, i said, though i knew she was sleeping. i’m empty and aching and i don’t know why…. 


in love

March 28, 2008

now that i have a rum & coke in me i am just completely excited.

I WILL HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM!! which i can paint as pink as i like. also…. IT IS BRAND NEW, SO NO ONE HAS EVER GOTTEN THEIR FILTH IN MY BATHTUB. seriously, i have this weird thing where when i was seven, we moved from the upstairs suite to the downstairs suite in this house we owned. i refused to take a bath as i knew our tenants had used the bathtub. this has been my life up until now. i can finally have a bath! and having my own bathroom… holy crap.

this place is so nice. that is why i didn’t want to go see it, i knew i would fall IN LOVE.



March 28, 2008

i think we may have just bought a condo.

despite evidence to the contrary, i am excited! and partially insanely terrified.


do you think you need to do a building inspection on a brand new place with a 10 year warranty? it seems unnecessary, but i don’t know much about these things and i hate to be naive.


those sweet distant memories of one weekend(s) ago.

March 27, 2008

more pictures of general girlie fun. thanks to lindsay for some good ones.

jager shots at foundation


me and linds



the whip


a larger trickle…

a little trickle…

lindsay laughing

aww lindsay is so damned cute! i can almost hear her laughing now.

those cold wet fools.


“however you say it? crudoodie?”


me and lindsay sleeping till 3 pm the next day was pretty nice.


i feel like i owe it to someone.

March 27, 2008

crosby, stills, and nash are coming too! the tickets will be outrageously expensive and usually these acts do not nearly live up to their former glory [infact they tend to be kind of depressing] but wow. i am tempted to purchase some tickets as they go on sale tomorrow.

for years and years and years, deja vu was my album i would take to a desert island. one of the few things i will always keep on vinyl despite my distinct lack of record player.




March 26, 2008

as if may wasn’t already the greatest month ever due to my birthday and the beginnings of summer. AND finding out stephen malkmus, the closest i will get to my dear pavement, will be in town on the 9th. NOW I FIND OUT BUCK 65 WILL BE HERE ON THE 8TH! at perhaps my favourite venue in the city, definitely my most frequented, alex goulden hall [a reading by anthony bourdain there has to be the highlight of that place so far.]

buck 65, while not my all-time favourite musician per se, has to be the best performer i have ever seen. the show i saw a few summers ago was a tightly woven tapestry of stories, music, jokes… it just blew me away. i wasn’t expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as i did. i can’t wait to enjoy his masterful story-telling once again. and i even get to sit down this time!

buck 65

buck 65

buck 65

ps: the pot runs out tonight. holy shit. what am i going to do with myself now?


sometimes everyone needs…

March 25, 2008

this picture.


i wish my cat had a dog to love. yes….. my cat.

heh heh

oh i should go throw frozen fish bits at freeloading seals soon.




a little too relaxed.

March 25, 2008

i think i might have such negative associations with yoga because my one memory of it is attending a class with my best friend and her mom when i was four or five or something. i peed all over my popples towel. i didn’t say anything but my unusual level of moisture must have been noticed on the car ride home. i hope i don’t pee my pants this time.

best friends

best friends 2

nearly twenty years later… [the girl on the left didn’t age so well.]


March 24, 2008

“because we’re brothers, and we kinda like each other.”


damn you shaw.

March 24, 2008

why don’t you show the bunnies anymore? on easter they used to show a non-stop video of bunnies frolicking about. my cat was mesmerized by the sight.

bunny tv
[a few tvs/lifetimes ago.]

since we purchased a ridiculously insanely huge tv on the weekend i can only imagine how my cat would react. alas, they have switched over to the not as easter-ish theme of goats for the past couple of years!

wii is so much better on the large screen. suddenly we are really good at super swing golf. i can’t wait to have brittani and kevin over and play DOUBLES TENNIS. along with two extra controllers i think we also need to purchase a larger living room.

it was supposed to be nice this weekend and i was actually going to force myself to attain my lofty goal of playing tennis. i think this summer i might take some lessons, so as a] not to suck horribly anymore b] to be forced to play tennis. also, i think i will be starting a yoga class in april [yes, you heard right….] along with young drivers of course.

we went to look at scooters this weekend. the one i had envisioned myself purchasing was actually too large and imposing for me. the vino is much, much more “amber-sized” [if you know me in real life this term will make perfect sense.] i hope i have the confidence to drive a scooter once i have the skills down. i am going to finance it all by myself which shouldn’t be exciting to me but it is.

anyway, i had a pretty nice weekend. i really enjoy the fact that me and brittani can go a while without seeing each other and then pick up with ease just where we left off [even without the aid of alcohol.]


starry night.

March 21, 2008


astronomy picture of the day 


architecture students are like virgins with an itch they cannot scratch…

March 21, 2008

i think spring is a good time for “resolutions.” thinking of them in that context almost makes them destined to fail due to my cynicism. however, it is a time for new leases on life and making some adjustments. god, another new lease on life? don’t worry, i hate myself too. haha.

anyway, i am going to do things, and see stuff, and learn and whatnot. i say that every year but really, this time it is actually true which is exciting. it is unfortunate i once again lost my best friend due to some stupid girl drama i can barely even remember. i hate that stuff. [cathy, i’m lost, i said, though i knew she was sleeping… ] i need a new partner in girl based adventures. i wish i could transport vancouver people over here [or me there without all the effort.]

…never build a building till you’re fifty, what kind of life is that?



clint howard



i find that to be one sweet cat.

March 21, 2008



lego hawking

March 20, 2008

and this is all i have to say today:



photoshop: least intuitive software ever?

March 19, 2008

i know nobody answers my questions, but why am i having the most ridiculously hard time resizing a layer in photoshop? no online help is aiding me.

i was about to make an aids joke but i hate to reference south park.

also: is it still a simpsons quote i can never, ever use [but always wants to come out of my mouth] if i put a question mark at the end? i really wish the simpsons didn’t have to destroy itself so, so badly. to the point where i am not sure if i can ever watch classic episodes again. [i definitely can never say never.] for the past i don’t know how many years i have been watching a few minutes here and there [of the new episodes], and there is just nothing resembling comedy i can find.


a few more.

March 19, 2008

sorry to post such terrible quality pictures [especially to those ladies with their amazing cameras] but you know, i have actually kind of grown to love this disgustingly low quality photo from my digital camera… it is the closest to real film you get these days, kind of. [hit and miss, like my photography.] except for like…. real film.



at foundation. a good vegetarian restaurant where we spent way too much time drinking [and spilling] wine.






slutty reflection.



i am pretty sure i am the only person on earth who finds these pictures ART!


mmm room service

i wish i could get croissants and coffee delivered to me every morning at the cost of $22! so worth it… when you’re incredibly lazy.



one of those magical film moments.

March 17, 2008

“Somehow or another I managed to capture my entire Friday night in one photo.” –Linds


also i love nicola’s explaination as to why she has a crown tattoo; “canada dry gingerale dude…?”


a few pictures.

March 17, 2008

i will post more later, but after editing crappy pictures all day [incredibly slowly] i am sick of looking at them!



the people are tiny from the 20th floor. and look, it wasn’t just the quebecois bay that are geniuses.


you can indeed fit four girls sleeping in that bed… and one on the chaise longue.


the pool was closed so we needed some skivvie activities… unfortunately after all the hotboxing the tub overflowed.


letting my camera dry out. it was making interesting noises.

there are more, i might post them later.

sweet, sweet day off after traveling!