the too much information post.

February 5, 2008

so i forgot to tell the esthetician while going for a wax that while i wanted to go for the nearly full brazilian this time, i did want to leave a little patch. so she went and ripped everything out and i hate it. i don’t know why, this look has always been unappealing to me, whereas you’d think considering all you dear readers know about me it would actually be a turn on. i just find it creepy. just thought i would share how the appearance of myself naked now creeps me out, luckily [unluckily] it will always grow back!



  1. Not a big fan of the totally naked action.

  2. o_0

    I wish I had something funny to say.

    bunny ears.

  3. All I have to say on the subject is agree, it’s creepy, and also, it’s less sanitray than having some hair. A lot of people think it’s “cleaner” to be hairless, but without it, your skin absorbs more oil and stuff. Yi. kes. We’ll wait for the growing season.

  4. yea it’s like… how am i going to stop debris from getting into my crotch now? hahaha

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