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February 26, 2008

FOUR SEASONS FOR $130/NIGHT??? travel agents are definitely where it’s at. or rather… shifty chinese travel agents who are friends of friends.



not a bad monday.

February 25, 2008

pulled pork…. i am just like the beautiful new woman of today on the cover of that 70s crock pot cookbook.

so it looks like they aren’t hiring anyone in the finance office now… and laurie taught me how to muddle through bank reconciliations and gst filing and bank transactions. i think she will come in one or two times a month and the rest will be up to me? hopefully i don’t fuck everything up and make more work for her. and yet my title is still accounting assistant… i am not sure as to who i am assisting anymore.

seriously, i am updating my resume and i don’t know what to call myself. accounting clerk doesn’t sound right for someone who takes care of human resources, 95% of all accounting duties, is currently the only person in the administration department… but i am not an accountant, or a bookkeeper, or an office manager…

“one msn conversation in the guise of you and your mom would never talk to you again.”

i have an unholy love of silent garfield. i am surprised i have not yet subjected you to it.

silent garfield

i wonder what jim davis thinks of silent garfield? he probably hates it because garfield is not expressing his sassy personality and love of lasagna to it’s fullest. which is why it is awesome. garfield is like a normal cat and jon is so, so sad.



February 24, 2008

and now for something a little more… dead [though when you think about it those other animals are long dead too. haunting you!]

don’t worry, nothing gross – only cute. but i will put it behind a cut anyway. [yes, i know i find weird things beautiful… ]
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generations of fun.

February 24, 2008

let us delve into the world of humiliating animal photography, shall we?

thank you harry whittier frees.



cat ride

pig cart




four little bunnies

four little kittens

four little puppies

bunny blimp

kitty blimp


school marm



yip yap

and others



cats smoking

which brings us to a whole ‘nother realm…

for another post


we ran into a cave…

February 24, 2008

i decided that my cat is really the kind of cat that needs a cave. it likes to hide and those cat tree houses would just taunt it’s hefty self with their inaccessibility.

while searching for cat caves i came across this ridiculously lovely thing…

cat cave.

you know when it’s called scandinavian details it’s going to be good. i don’t know much about scandinavian design but i love it of course… i know he had other things on his mind but i was so mad when my brother came back from living in sweden for a bit and didn’t even bring me home a cool magnet!


crocodile mile.

February 23, 2008

it was so beautiful out today! spring is nearish. this time will be different, i know i say that every year. but for real this time. [i find myself saying that a lot lately…]

[okay, well maybe not THAT different….]


travel agents?

February 23, 2008

in your experience do you get a better value booking a hotel online, or can travel agents get you better deals? i have heard both things asserted to be true…



February 22, 2008

really… what is this?

aside from a blurry lumpy blob thing…


music or sex?

February 21, 2008

listening to sean lennon which i haven’t listened to in at least five years but probably much more, it strikes me how much more i must have listened to music in the past. after not having heard this in so long, i can still sing along to almost all the words. when i think of my favourite music of the past few years, i can’t sing along to 90% of it. i guess that is the cost of having a life and not spending all of my time alone in my bedroom! but what kind of music fan am i?

hrm…. no offense to sex but i am pretty sure i would still go with music. music is just…. otherworldly.


the way i feel inside.

February 20, 2008

somehow it doesn’t seem arriving home five hours late with only one shoe is good way to kick off quitting drinking.

for real this time…


damn….i liked those shoes too.

who the hell am i? i am happy and fun… but that is so not amber.


death to non-digital spontaneity.

February 18, 2008

i know i have no right to post on this as i have never owned a piece of this equipment… but i always strongly had the urge. and now it is too late! essentially.

polaroid film to be no more. this makes me very sad! progress, progress, i know. it is undeniable, unavoidable. but still sad nonetheless.

ah short hair

old self-indulgent picture!


this is new to me…

February 18, 2008

it seems as if i succeeded in getting myself into trouble… stupid innocent unintentional misunderstanding but i am very sorry for my part. luckily some kindly folks would not take no as an answer from an indigent girl on the sidewalk, also luckily they were not psycho rapists [as soon as they busted out the game genie and mario bros. 3, i knew i was in good hands.]

however, after possibly ruining a friendship i think it is time i stop drinking…. which is absolutely, horribly, no fun at all.

i am thinking now that things i saw as faults in myself, being incredibly shy and unable to get very intoxicated, were actually blessings… i think i would have seen a lot more trouble in my life if these qualities were not protecting me. it is a lot more fun without them though.

also… happy birthday keith. due to being hungover i forgot to get pineapple upside-down cake ingredients at the grocery store…. officially making me the worst birthday celebrator ever.


i swear i am not even stoned [right this second.]

February 16, 2008

the world is so interesting… with all it’s good and evil, it is so amazing growing up, living, and learning all about it. as well as the good and evil within yourself and the heart of everyone. i love those rare occasions when it occurs to you while you’re driving down the street that all the strange and ordinary looking people you see, all have their own little lives, and their own little thoughts. everyone has their own interesting little secrets.


dear orgasm:

February 15, 2008

obviously inappropriate.

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you are lucky to know me, you just don’t know it.

February 14, 2008

sometimes i wish i didn’t think i was such a damned awesome and amazing person. but then i remember all those years when people would tell me nice things and i just wouldn’t hear them… do i deserve this newfound state of finally having an ego after going through years of self-doubt? probably not. it will probably get me into trouble.

but i am an awesome person so i will manage just fine!


I AM LEGEND. no, not you…..



February 13, 2008

okay so i had a really awesome pre-valentines day that i am not allowed to post about but keith got me something really awesome named milady* and a heart-shaped box of chocolates [cause i’d never gotten one] and this really uglily-cute dollar store bear…. and a pen drawing of the cat. pretend you didn’t hear that it was the best valentines ever. [fuck valentines being on the actual day — i cannot fundamentally be against an excuse to do something nice for someone you love… but the actual date? come on. and it’s more surprising when it’s not.]

*sweet frasier/sarah silverman reference no one will appreciate.

oh and i generally hate animates gifs but how cold hearted do you have to be not to love this?


grow a brain.

February 13, 2008

why do people think it’s okay to submit resumes from email addresses such as sexy_margarita@***.com? at least i get to judge them accordingly. i wish brittani was here to mock people’s shitty grammar with though…




February 12, 2008

“the girl scout’s motto,” said lo rhapsodically, “is also mine. i fill my life with worthwhile deeds such as – well, never mind what. my duty is – to be useful. i am a friend to male animals. i obey orders. i am cheerful. i am thrifty and absolutely filthy in thought, word, and deed.”


bon temps.

February 11, 2008

last weekend at brittani’s.

texting 1 2 3..

drinkin’ eights

pretty much the worst game of drinking eights ever.

drunken pictures

i always love how these turn out. so silly.

happily drunk

brittani’s hair is amazing here. she had a team of experts working on it… i shit you not. i guess i shouldn’t feel bad if i can’t roll out of bed with it!

i am happily drunk here, i think!



i like how all my pictures are creepily voyeuristic.



February 11, 2008

first of a two pathetically minor picture updates. [i really need a new camera.]

brittani and kevin came over on saturday to play wii. it was pretty fucking fun. we bought a few new games. i would recommend mario and sonic at the olympics; i am not sure why i heard bad things. super swing golf is pretty good too, a lot more in depth than wii sports golf of course. it is nice to have ‘couple friends,’ brittani and kevin are both great but we never hang out. they are generally fairly anti-social like us i think, which is a good sign to be honest.

laughs were had by one and all.

brittani is hilarious, she is always like ‘i am stressed, how do i play this, i am an idiot’ and then she kicks everyone’s ass. if i had that skill i would be such a douchebag about it.

keith: “i think you’re at a disadvantage if you’re amber…”

kevin: “oh no, i agree.”

to me a sign of friendship is when someone feels familiar enough to mock another. that is when i truly knew me and kevin were cool.



pew pew pew


bob and weave

just bob and weave!

good one brit

good one brittani…. i mean keith?

so i went for a massage today… and he did it this time. he found the sweet spot. i now love him. he said ‘turn your head now. does it hurt?’ ‘yes.’ then he poked a bit, said ‘turn your head again. does it hurt?’ ‘no!’ i am worried i will wake up tomorrow and it will be sore again but such is life. i have to start doing exercises for my weak back.

aha, it all makes sense now.