some more pictures from the weekend.

January 14, 2008

dude where is my house

now which one is mine again? i always forget….

neighborhoods like this are strange.

ugliest building ever.

i couldn’t get a very good picture because my camera has a ridiculous reaction time. anyway, this has to be one of the ugliest buildings i have seen in a while. it’s a church, shocking am i right?

stuffed animal graveyard

my mom is moving and i am having to get rid of some stuff from my childhood. it’s bizarre how difficult it is to decide between a dingy pile of stuffed animals. i kept too many of them… i don’t want to be a pack rat like my mom when i am older. [i am bad enough as it is, but it is not necessarily sentimental attachment; more sheer laziness.]

pony surprise

cesarean surprise!

i totally had a puppy surprise too but that didn’t make it from ottawa.


here is proof. me with one of my three best friends, the one who lives on the other side of the country. i saw her last summer and before that not since i was 13, and before that not since i was 9. but we have always been able to pick up where we left off even after not talking for a while. lifetime friends like that are wonderful. i suppose when you have the memories, and the friendships, are the stuffed animals really important?
me and geoffrey

me with my mom’s adopted old dude. we were celebrating his birthday a month late. that is the good thing about dementia. man, places like that are depressing. a holding pen for people to sit staring at each other, waiting to die. what kind of existence is that? what is the alternative? ice floes began to look more and more appealing the longer i was there.



  1. You have an adopted old guy? Wow, all I have is a lousy highway. You can’t give presents to a highway. Well, I guess litter, but I think that kind of runs counter to the whole point of adopting a highway. Yeah I’m shutting up now.

  2. highways don’t smell like urine.

    wait, i guess sometimes they do.

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